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Company News About The Analytical Grade And Industrial Grade Of EDTA Salt Used In Different Fields

The Analytical Grade And Industrial Grade Of EDTA Salt Used In Different Fields

The Analytical Grade And Industrial Grade Of EDTA Salt Used In Different Fields

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid is also known as EDTA in Chinese. As an organic compound, it is odorless and tasteless materials, usually can be divided into analytical pure level and industrial level,which can be used in different fields.Among them, EDTA of analytical grade is mostly used in vacuum blood collection tubes, such as dipotassium and tripotassium EDTA. After blood is drawn in the hospital, in order to improve the test efficiency and ensure the test results, anticoagulants will be used to prevent the blood from coagulating.


Because of its ability to complex metal ions, EDTA is close to calcium ions in the blood, chelating them together, and preventing blood coagulation from the root, so it is often added to blood collection tubes for extracorporeal blood anticoagulation. , its anticoagulant effect is good, and it has little effect on the morphology of blood cells.


The requirements for analytically pure EDTA are higher than those for industrial grades, and its purity, performance, melting point, pH value and other key indicators must be strictly required and accurately controlled in analytically pure grades. Although the requirements for industrial grades will be lower, there are also many fields of application, such as applications in water treatment and the preparation of metal polishes.


In terms of water treatment, because EDTA has the characteristics of coordination, it can basically chelate with all metal ions, and this metal chelate has good solubility under slightly acidic conditions, and can be used as water softener and equipment cleaning applications. In the preparation of metal polishing agent, because of its chelating performance with scientifically proportioned, the prepared polishing agent can remove impurities on the metal surface easier.


Desheng Biochemical is a manufacturer of EDTA, which includes dipotassium EDTA, tripotassium EDTA and disodium EDTA.All of them are of analytical grade, with a main content of over 99%. Dipotassium acetate is a dihydrate and is usually used for extracorporeal blood anticoagulation. If you need to use industrial-grade products, you can also go to consult, Desheng can customize according to customer requirements, welcome to click the website or inquire to purchase!