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Company News About The choice of virus transport medium should start from these aspects

The choice of virus transport medium should start from these aspects

The choice of virus transport medium should start from these aspects

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, COVID-19 reagents have been on fire, and a little brother, the COVID-19 preservation solution, has been brought along with him. "Suddenly like a spring breeze coming all night", the preservation liquid also springed up like bamboo shoots after a rain. However, "squandering flowers are gradually becoming charming." Faced with hundreds of products, there is really no way to choose. Which points should I look at?

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1. Are the raw materials of the virus transport medium qualified?

Highly responsible virus preservation liquid manufacturers can not only fulfill their promises, but also ensure that the facts are described without exaggeration, such as the strict selection of raw materials to prevent fraud. The irresponsible manufacturers will only exaggerate in order to promote the order. In this process, customers should keep their eyes open and distinguish right from wrong.


2. Is it easy to grow bacteria?

After the preservation solution is stored for a period of time, it is easy to spoil. The clear preservation solution becomes muddy, moldy, and bacteria grow, and it is embarrassing to be unsafe at night. The bacteria that grow out are not bad, I know they can't be used. Those who have been contaminated but will not grow long, hide in which box, which patient they are used on, and what impact they will have on the results, is known to all. Preventing pollution is undoubtedly a big challenge in the production and quality control process. Of course, it is not difficult to deal with, and measures such as cleaning the workshop and adding antibiotics can all be dealt with calmly.


3. Is it easy to leak?

Because the virus preservation liquid is liquid, some preservation liquids are prone to leakage when they encounter rough handling or the negative pressure of air transportation during transportation, so the entire box and the whole box have to be scrapped. If the packaging is not in place and leaks, it will be very troublesome. Therefore, the selection of packaging materials, the design of the structure, and the manufacturing process must be checked.


4. Is the price reasonable?

The price of any product is a very critical factor. Because of the epidemic, many companies’ conventional products are not selling well. Therefore, many companies in the market will sell shoddy products at low prices in order to survive. The price is low, but the quality is not guaranteed. The price and value are often corresponding. If the price of the virus transport medium is much lower than the market average price, then you must seriously consider whether its quality is reliable. Therefore, when choosing a virus transport medium manufacturer, be careful not to blindly pursue low prices.