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Company News About These Points About Tris Buffer 77-86-1 You Should Know

These Points About Tris Buffer 77-86-1 You Should Know

These Points About Tris Buffer 77-86-1 You Should Know

Tris buffer is a zwitterionic buffer and one of the most commonly biological buffers applied in biotechnology research and manufacturing. In the pharmaceutical field, Tris buffer can be used for vaccines and antibiotics; in cosmetics, it is a buffer in the formulation of skin sunscreen products. In addition, Tris base is also applied to prepare buffer solutions TAE and TBE and Laemmli.Tris can be dissolved in a variety of substances, including ethylene glycol and methanol. Below is the solubility of tris buffer in each solvent for your reference.


Solvent Solubility
water 400 mg/mL
Ethylene glycol 79.1 mg/mL
Methanol 26 mg/mL
95% ethanol 22 mg/mL
Acetone 20 mg/mL
Anhydrous ethanol 14.6 mg/mL
Dimethyl formamide 14 mg/mL
Ethyl acetate 0.5 mg/mL
Olive oil 0.4 mg/mL
Cyclohexane 0.1 mg/mL
Chloroform 0.05 mg/mL


Based on the characteristic and suitability for different application of biotechnological such as electrophoresis and chromatography,the main usage of tris buffer as follows:

1. commonly used in gel electrophoresis buffer solution TAE or TBE;

2. preparing Laemmli buffer;

3. making anion exchange chromatography;

4. evaluating bacterial endotoxin;

5. used in capillary electrochromatography (CEC) for its low ion mobility



Then what should be considered before choosing a TRIS buffer for research?

First,the PH of buffer must be kept in 7-9;

Second, tris buffer can get through cell membrane in specific condition, so it’s not suitable for many cells;

Third,it is toxic to many mammalian cells;

Forth,it is not suitable for use with bicinchoninic acid (BCA);

Fifth,the temperature has big effect on the ph of tris buffer, so it’s quite important to prepare tris buffer solution under right temperature.

Sixth,it reacts with various enzymes and inhibits their activity.

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