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Company News About What are blood collection coagulants?

What are blood collection coagulants?

What are blood collection coagulants?

What are blood collection coagulants?


    When conducting blood sampling tests in hospitals, most people will focus their eyes on vacuum blood collection vessels, but in fact, blood collection vessels are only a part of them, and the additives inside are the key, such as commonly used coagulants, anticoagulants, and serum separation gels, which can be added to blood collection vessels and applied to different test items. Recently, coagulant accelerators have been frequently purchased in the market, and many manufacturers have seized the opportunity to rapidly produce them. Therefore, there are more types of coagulant accelerators, so what are they? Let's focus on this aspect and introduce it to everyone.


    1、 Rabbit Brain Powder Coagulant


    This type of coagulant is a biological type and has few main applications. Its coagulation mechanism is to first promote plasma coagulation, then drive blood cells to coagulate during the reaction process, and then trap white blood cells through fibrin to achieve the goal of blood coagulation. It should be noted that it is susceptible to interference from external ambient temperature and is not easy to conduct coagulation promoting experiments under low temperature conditions.


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Blood collection accelerator

    2、 Coagulant activating enzyme coagulant


    This is also a biological type of coagulant, and its mechanism of action is relatively similar to the first type of coagulant. The coagulant promoting effect is fast, but there may be poor blood clot contraction. As an enzyme preparation, thrombin has the characteristics of not being easy to preserve and inactivate, and is also susceptible to temperature effects, especially at low temperatures, where delayed coagulation is required.


    3、 No type accelerator


    The composition of this coagulant is mainly composed of silicon dioxide powder, dolomite, diatomite, etc. The key role is silicon dioxide. However, the amount of silicon dioxide added by different manufacturers during the preparation process varies, so the coagulant promoting effect also varies. Compared with the two aforementioned coagulants, it has its own unique advantages. It can activate the blood coagulation system as a whole, enabling rapid coagulation response, and achieving ideal coagulation promoting effects.


    Judging from the overall situation in the current market, the standard for the use of coagulant enhancers is coagulation efficacy and performance indicators. Regardless of which one is selected, the most important thing is to use coagulant enhancers that meet your own experimental requirements. Desheng, as one of the manufacturers of coagulant enhancers in China, not only has advanced technology, but also has an excellent research and development team and service personnel. From customer ordering, delivery, and after-sales, there are dedicated personnel to receive and track, ensuring the customer's sense of use experience. If you have any relevant needs, please click on the website to consult and purchase!