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Company News About What are the brands of serum separating gel?

What are the brands of serum separating gel?

What are the brands of serum separating gel?

What are the brands of serum separating gel?


   Speaking of serum separating gel, it is mainly used as an additive in vacuum test tubes, and is favored by various medical institutions for blood detection and analysis. In fact, in the early days, the production and research and development of blood collection reagent enterprises in China was relatively slow due to the limitation of raw material technology. However, in recent years, due to the continuous breakthroughs and innovations of domestic raw material factories, medicine has entered the era of full automation, especially the popularity of serum gel separators, which can fully meet the needs at home and abroad, but it also means that there are more manufacturers of gel separators. At this time, the brand selection is good or bad, It determines the use effect.


   There are many brands of serum separating gel in China, including Desheng, Jie'an and Huzheng. Which one is better with so many brands? You can analyze more about the advantages and choose a brand that suits you. Here, we will focus on recommending a brand - Desheng, which occupies a seat in the market and is very popular. Why do you say that? Now, let's introduce it to you in detail.


    1、 Desheng brand

    Desheng, fully known as Hubei New Desheng Material Technology Co., Ltd., has been committed to the research, development and production of blood collection additives since 2005, providing raw material support, professional solutions and high-quality services for many diagnostic reagent enterprises at home and abroad. Among them, the serum separating gel products have undergone four generations of research, development and improvement. From the beginning, it is not radiation resistant and easy to age, to the end, it is radiation resistant, hydrolysis resistant, not easy to age, and suitable for long-term blood preservation. The serum separating gel of Desheng brand has been recognized by more than 100 well-known enterprises and sold overseas.


    2、 Advantages of Desheng serum separating gel


    1. Desheng separation gel has good thixotropy and physiological inertia, and does not react with other added substances in the test tube, causing interference.


    2. After 4 generations of improvement, they all have anti irradiation function, and even after sterilization, the products remain unchanged.


    3. Stable performance, it can preserve the integrity of blood cells for a long time without damaging them.


    4. Precise specific gravity, located between blood clots and serum, can accurately separate and extract high-quality serum.


    5. The serum separating gel of Desheng brand has obtained the national patent of China, and its process is stable, the ingredients are safe, and the use is efficient and convenient.


    In addition, according to the different needs of customers, Desheng can meet the customization of separation gel indicators. As a production enterprise, there are a large number of spot stocks in the warehouse, which can be directly supplied. If problems occur, professionals will provide solutions for you. With 18 years of efforts, the serum separating gel of Desheng brand has developed steadily and is favored by the market. If you have relevant needs, please click the website for consultation!