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Company News About What are the main uses of sodium citrate?

What are the main uses of sodium citrate?

What are the main uses of sodium citrate?

Sodium citrate, also known as sodium citrate, is an organic compound, a sodium salt, its chemical formula is na3c6h5o7, the appearance is white to colorless crystal, with the taste of soapy water. It is soluble in water and glycerin, but insoluble in alcohols and other organic solvents. Deliquescence, weathering in hot air.


In terms of structure, citric acid is a kind of tricarboxylic acid compound, which has similar physical and chemical properties with other carboxylic acids. When heated to 175 ℃, citric acid will decompose to produce carbon dioxide and water, leaving some white crystals. Citric acid is a kind of strong organic acid, with three H + ions which can be ionized. It can be decomposed into a variety of products by heating, and react with acid, alkali and glycerol.

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When it comes to sodium citrate, people's first reaction is to use it for anticoagulation in vitro. When fresh blood is taken in clinic, some sterilized sodium citrate needs to be added to prevent blood coagulation, so sodium citrate is called anticoagulant. Sodium citrate has other applications in addition to anticoagulation in vitro. Next, Desheng will take you to know about it.


1. Used in chemical industry

Citric acid can be used as chemical analysis reagent, as experimental reagent, chromatographic analysis reagent and biochemical reagent, as complexing agent and masking agent, and as buffer solution.


2. For environmental protection

Sodium citrate buffer is used for flue gas desulfurization. China is rich in coal resources, which is the main part of energy. However, there has been a lack of effective flue gas desulfurization process, resulting in serious air SO2 pollution. It is urgent to study effective desulfurization process. Citric acid sodium citrate buffer solution is a valuable desulfurizer because of its low vapor pressure, non toxicity, stable chemical properties and high SO2 absorption rate.


3. For cosmetics

Citric acid is a kind of fruit acid, its main role is to accelerate the regeneration of keratin, commonly used in emulsion, cream, shampoo, whitening products, anti-aging products, acne products, etc. The renewal of cutin is helpful to the peeling off of melanin in the skin, the thinning of pores and the dissolution of blackheads.


4. Used in medicine

Calcium must be involved in the formation of prothrombin activator and subsequent coagulation. Citrate ion and calcium ion can form a soluble complex which is difficult to dissociate, thus reducing the concentration of calcium ion in blood and blocking blood coagulation. It is often used as anticoagulant in vitro in blood transfusion or laboratory.


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