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Company News About What effect does heparin lithium have on blood

What effect does heparin lithium have on blood

What effect does heparin lithium have on blood

What effect does heparin lithium have on blood


    In the blood test, the appearance of heparin reagent makes the test simple and fast, mainly heparin lithium, which can fully prevent blood clotting inside the test tube. At the same time, due to its small chelating property and low positive ion concentration, heparin lithium will be used for determination in blood or plasma detection, so that heparin lithium can also play the greatest role in blood. Let me give you a detailed analysis.


    1、 Performance and principle of heparin lithium


    As a reagent to prevent blood clotting, its appearance color is white powder, tasteless, soluble in water. Because it is suitable for clinical biochemical examination, there are strict requirements for extracting high-quality serum. Its working principle is to inhibit the aggregation of platelets, inactivate thrombin, strengthen antithrombin, fully ensure that blood does not coagulate, and plasma centrifugation speed is faster.


    2、 Effect on blood

    To understand the effect of heparin lithium on blood, we must understand its effect and process on blood coagulation. Thrombin plays a great role in the whole process, and can prevent blood coagulation through it. This is because the blood contains fibrin, platelets and other substances, and platelets have coagulation effect. Heparin lithium controls platelets from the source, making coagulation factors unable to participate in the coagulation process, inhibiting these coagulation factors to play a normal role, thus preventing blood coagulation and achieving clinical purposes.


    3、 Determination of heparin lithium


    In the clinical determination of ion content, because it will not affect the determination of ion, only heparin lithium is the most qualified product in the heparin type, which basically does not contain excess ions and has faster anticoagulation effect. It is also the main reagent used in this determination experiment.


    It can be seen from the above that heparin lithium mainly plays an anti-coagulation role in blood. Although some heparin can be prepared into drugs or directly injected into human body on the market, it is achieved through blood. As a professional supplier of heparin lithium in China, Desheng produces and sells heparin products, which are mainly used for anticoagulation in vitro and not for other purposes. This needs to be understood clearly. At the same time, the potency of heparin lithium sold is between 150IU-180IU. If you are interested in purchasing, you can click on the website for consultation to indicate your needs in advance and obtain more accurate quotations.