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Company News About what is a lithium heparin blood test

what is a lithium heparin blood test

what is a lithium heparin blood test

Heparin is a commonly used anticoagulant in clinical practice, widely used in blood tests and various medical procedures. Generally, it has two salt forms, namely sodium heparin and lithium heparin, both of which play an anticoagulant role. However, although their effects are similar, their binding ions and degree of dissociation are different. Heparin lithium exhibits better anticoagulant effects than heparin sodium in certain situations and is more suitable for certain blood test items. Let's take a look at the blood test items suitable for heparin lithium.


1、 Biochemical testing of patients after hemodialysis


For biochemical tests of hemodialysis patients, heparin lithium plays a significant role. For example, during hemodialysis, the dialysate usually contains heparin anticoagulants, such as low molecular weight heparin calcium. These anticoagulants can make blood samples less prone to clotting, making it difficult to separate samples and obtain plasma. Therefore, using heparin lithium anticoagulant plasma is an ideal choice for biochemical testing in dialysis patients. It not only effectively prevents blood clotting, but also helps to extract accurate plasma samples. According to reports, the accuracy of the results is high.


2、 Liver function examination


Blood samples treated with lithium heparin also have a special role in liver function tests, which usually involve the analysis of multiple blood parameters to evaluate liver health, effectively treat or prevent diseases. The use of heparin lithium tubes for examination, such as in the detection of liver diseases such as hepatitis, liver cancer, and fatty liver, helps to maintain blood flow, make the measurement of various blood parameters more accurate, and thus improve the efficiency of the examination work.


3、 Hemorheological testing


In the detection of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the rheological properties of blood are very important. Some diseases, such as high viscosity, lead to abnormal increases in blood viscosity, which may increase the risk of thrombosis and cardiovascular disease. In these cases, hemorheological testing can help identify risk factors. Heparin lithium, as an anticoagulant, can be used to ensure that blood maintains fluidity during rheological testing, without causing inaccurate results due to coagulation, which is helpful for early diagnosis of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


Lithium heparin is widely used in blood tests, and its superior anticoagulant performance makes it an ideal choice for medical staff. As a manufacturer of lithium heparin raw materials, Desheng can supply high-quality reagents of analytical grade. More than 100 domestic blood collection manufacturers have chosen to cooperate with us. If you have any relevant intentions, please feel free to contact us for purchase at any time!