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Company News About What Is The Difference Between Inactivated And Non-inactivated Types?

What Is The Difference Between Inactivated And Non-inactivated Types?

What Is The Difference Between Inactivated And Non-inactivated Types?

The target of the Covid-19 nucleic acid detection is the nucleic acid gene fragment inside the virus. Nucleic acid preservation solution is to protect viral nucleic acid from rapid degradation in vitro, so as to facilitate nucleic acid sequence amplification for detection purposes. Mainly divided into two categories: inactivated and non-inactivated. Disposable virus sampling tubes are usually divided into two types, non-inactivated type and inactivated type. Different types need to be selected for different detection purposes. So how to choose the two virus sampling tubes?


Inactivated preservation solution

The inactivated preservation solution is prepared on the basis of nucleic acid extraction and lysis solution. The main ingredients are balanced salts, chelating agents, guanidine salts, and surfactants. There are two types of inactivated preservation solutions: one is the guanidine salt-containing type, which can quickly and efficiently denature proteins, lyse cells to release nucleic acids, eliminate RNases, stabilize viral nucleic acids, and inactivate viruses.Another is the guanidine salt-free type, which contains surfactants and does not cleave the capsid protein on the surface of the virus, maintaining the integrity of the virus and making it difficult for the virus to survive.


Non-inactivated preservation solution

The non-inactivated preservation solution can retain the protein coat of the virus and the viral nucleic acid at the same time, and maintain the originality of the virus sample to the greatest extent. In addition to being used for viral nucleic acid detection, it can also be used for virus culture, etc. However, because the virus has not been inactivated, there is a risk of infection if the operation is wrong.

The Second Trial Version Work Manual for Viral Nucleic Acid Detection clearly states that sampling tubes with inactivated preservation solution which containing guanidine isothiocyanate or guanidine hydrochloride or surfactants should be choose for population screening.For rapid testing in fever clinics or emergency departments, the sampling tube shall be determined according to the requirements of the nucleic acid detection reagents used.


Regardless of whether it is an inactivated type or a non-inactivated type, the virus sampling tubes must be strictly inactivated and sterilized before sampling to ensure that there are no other microorganisms which may cause the virus to decompose or other influences causing false detection. After swab sampling, if a collection tool or preservation solution of poor quality is used, it will affect the subsequent test results and even cause misdiagnosis. Therefore, you must choose a virus sampling tube produced by a professionally qualified manufacturer.


Desheng is one of the first companies to invest in the R&D and production of virus preservation solutions since the resumption of work in 2020. At that time, there were little companies joining to produce it. With the increase in the demand for nucleic acid testing, a batch of enterprises that have put into production.No matter at the beginning or now, Desheng always remembers to give back to customers with good quality. Only when the quality is guaranteed, can we gain the trust of more customers. At present, it has obtained the production certificate of Class I medical devices.Samples available for new customers,welcome to inquiry.