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Company News About What is the magic of HEPES buffer in cosmetics?

What is the magic of HEPES buffer in cosmetics?

What is the magic of HEPES buffer in cosmetics?

On the path of pursuing beautiful skin, people are constantly searching for various methods and products to achieve the effect of exfoliating and whitening the skin. In recent years, HEPES buffer, as a special ingredient, has gradually emerged in the field of beauty, and its properties and functions have brought new possibilities for skin care. This article will discuss in detail the important role of adding HEPES buffer to cosmetics from multiple perspectives, in order to reveal the scientific principles and practical applications behind it.

1、 Adjusting pH value to protect skin health

When the pH value of cosmetics is too high or too low, it may have adverse effects on the skin. Excessive pH value may cause skin moisture loss, making the skin dry and rough; A low pH value may disrupt the normal metabolism of the skin, leading to skin sensitivity and even causing skin problems. HEPES buffer has excellent pH regulation ability, which can help maintain the pH value of cosmetics within a range similar to the natural pH value of the skin, thereby reducing the irritation of cosmetics to the skin and protecting skin health.

2、 Promote transdermal absorption and enhance skincare effectiveness

In addition to adjusting the pH value, HEPES buffer also has the effect of promoting transdermal absorption. This means that when HEPES buffer is added to cosmetics, its active ingredients can better penetrate deep into the skin, thereby achieving better skincare effects.

Transdermal absorption is one of the key steps in the effectiveness of cosmetics. Only when active ingredients can smoothly penetrate deep into the skin can they be absorbed and exert their effects by skin cells. As an efficient transdermal enhancer, HEPES buffer can effectively improve the transdermal absorption rate of active ingredients in cosmetics, making the skincare effect more significant.


3、 Soften keratin, whiten and lighten spots

Many people suffer from thick keratin and dull skin tone, but the addition of HEPES buffer can effectively solve these problems and make the skin look refreshed. HEPES buffer has the effect of softening keratin, which can destroy the bridging granules between keratinocytes on the skin barrier, thereby promoting the shedding of the stratum corneum and making the skin smoother.

4、 Maintaining the activity of microbial fermentation products

In cosmetics, many active ingredients come from microbial fermentation products. Although these ingredients have biological activity and skincare effects, their stability is often influenced by pH values. When the pH value changes, these active ingredients may lose their activity and even produce adverse reactions.

The addition of HEPES buffer can effectively maintain the activity of microbial fermentation products. It can stabilize the pH range of skincare products for a long time, keeping these active ingredients stable and effective in cosmetics. This is of great significance for maintaining the quality and efficacy of cosmetics.

5、 Strengthen skin barrier, protect skin from external invasion

HEPES buffer also has the effect of strengthening the skin barrier. It can work together with other skincare ingredients such as sunscreen to protect the skin from external environmental damage. This is of great significance for improving the skin's resistance and self repair ability.

In summary, HEPES buffer has multiple effects in cosmetics. These together provide strong guarantees for the skincare effect of cosmetics, keeping the skin healthy, smooth, delicate, and bright during the use of cosmetics. Hubei Xindesheng Material Technology Co., Ltd. not only produces HEPES buffering agents, but also a series of common biological buffering agents such as TRIS, with excellent production processes. If you have purchasing needs, please click on the official website to inquire.