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Company News About What is the mechanism of heparin sodium preventing blood clotting?

What is the mechanism of heparin sodium preventing blood clotting?

What is the mechanism of heparin sodium preventing blood clotting?

In recent years, the development and use of anticoagulants has not only effectively improved the detection efficiency, but also provided guarantee for the detection results of patients. As one of the types of anticoagulants, heparin sodium is also favored by everyone. Why do you say that? In fact, this is still inseparable from its mechanism of action and use.


Use of Heparin Sodium

It can be used clinically and in cosmetics. It is used as an anticoagulant drug and an in vitro anticoagulant in clinical medicine, especially as an in vitro anticoagulant in blood collection tubes. It can quickly process blood samples, improve detection efficiency and promote the accuracy of detection result. In the field of cosmetics, low-molecular-weight heparin sodium is generally added to creams, which can effectively increase the permeability of the skin, and can resist allergies and inflammation.


The mechanism of action of heparin sodium

When it comes to the mechanism of anticoagulation, it is mainly the heparin that makes effect. It is strongly acidic and is a natural anticoagulant that exists outside the body of mammals. It can delay blood coagulation in blood collection tubes. Through the following steps:

1. Control the activity and reaction of thrombin, so that prothrombin will not be converted into thrombin at the source.

2. In the case of high concentration, it can quickly interfere with the activity of thrombin and other blood coagulation factors, making them lower, preventing fibrinogen from changing into fibrin to a certain extent.

3. PLT is an important component in the blood system of the body. The performance of heparin sodium can hinder the aggregation and adhesion of PLT, and prevent the formation of coagulation, so as to achieve the anticoagulant effect.


Requirements for using heparin sodium

First of all, as an anticoagulant for blood collection tubes, high-quality heparin needs to be used. After refining and purification, it can be formulated into a solution and added to the test tube. Because the crude product and the purified heparin sodium have many key numerical indicators different, using the crude product may lead to inaccurate test results. And when it is added into the test tube, it should be noted that the conventional dosage is 1mL of blood corresponding to 20IU of heparin sodium, so as to achieve the best effect of anticoagulation.


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