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Company News About What issues will Desheng pay special attention to during the production of dipotassium EDTA?

What issues will Desheng pay special attention to during the production of dipotassium EDTA?

What issues will Desheng pay special attention to during the production of dipotassium EDTA?

Dipotassium ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, also known as EDTA-K2, is often used as an anticoagulant and added to a vacuum blood collection tube, usually a test tube with a purple cap. In addition, some nucleic acid detection tubes use EDTA-K2 as an anticoagulant, mainly because EDTA has an affinity with calcium ions in the blood and complexes, thereby inhibiting blood coagulation. However, in addition to being used for blood collection tubes, it is also widely used and is often used in detergents, liquid soaps, shampoos, and antidotes.


The dipotassium EDTA produced by Desheng is a white crystalline powder, odorless and easily soluble in water. Its product performance is closely related to the production process. During the entire production operation, personnel must be specially trained, strictly abide by the operating regulations, and pay special attention to the following issues during production:

1. Operators wear masks, work clothes, gloves and safety glasses during the production process to ensure their own safety while keeping the product does not contain impurities.

2. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the production site, keep away from all kinds of fire and heat sources.

3. Avoid contact with oxidants and place them in the same site.

4. Strictly abide by the production index of dipotassium EDTA, and meet the main content, pH value, solubility and other data requirements of the product.

5. After production , store it in a cool and ventilated warehouse, do not mix it with oxidants, and equip corresponding utensils to contain the leakage.

6. When sub packaging, handle with care to prevent damage to packaging and containers and avoid quality problems.

7. The quality department will conduct quality inspection on the same batch of goods, and only after passing the inspection can they be packaged and sold.


Dipotassium EDTA, as an important integrator, can chelate metal ions. It can be used in blood collection tubes to inhibit blood coagulation, and it can also be used in the industry to prepare metal polishing agents, deodorants, and surfaces. Dipotassium EDTA occupies a pivotal position in the market, attracts many merchants producing with different quality. So it makes buyers not easy to find a good manufacturer.


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