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Company News About What’s the color of caps of tubes containing heparin sodium

What’s the color of caps of tubes containing heparin sodium

What’s the color of caps of tubes containing heparin sodium

There are many neatly arranged test tubes in front of the laboratory window of the hospital, but not all of these test tubes are exactly the same, and their sizes and colors of caps are all different. Why is it prepared in this way? What exactly does it do? In fact, this is mainly because the additives inside the test tubes are different, and the inspection items are also different. Heparin sodium tubes are one of them which commonly used in clinical practice.


The cap of vacuum tube containing heparin sodium is usually green, because it has the function of preventing blood coagulation and prolonging the coagulation time of blood samples, so it is suitable for red blood cell fragility test, blood gas analysis, hematocrit test, erythrocyte sedimentation rate and general biochemical test.

1. Routine blood test and collection

The heparin sodium test tube can be used to check blood, collect plasma, and prevent blood coagulation, so that medical staff can separate plasma from blood during biochemical examination. In addition, blood tests can also be used to determine whether a patient suffers from liver disease, such as liver function decline, liver cancer, fatty liver, etc.What’s more, it and can effectively rule out the possibility of suffering from such diseases.


2. Biochemical examination

As a professional anticoagulant tube, the heparin sodium green vacuum tube was used as a way to measure electrolytes in the early days, but later it was found that there may be some problems with the test results. After technical improvement, it will gradually be used for the inspection of the upper plasma after centrifugation.


3. Routine plasma biochemical determination

The heparin sodium tube can be used together with serum separation gel, which can not only prevent blood coagulation, but also promote rapid separation of blood and ensure the accuracy of test results, so it is suitable for routine plasma biochemical assays and emergency plasma biochemical assays such as ICU .


However, it should be noted that the application of heparin test tubes in medicine is completed by supporting analytical instruments. The main function is to anticoagulate blood outside the body, and it is not directly used in the human body. Everyone needs to be clear about this.

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