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Company News About What to check with heparin lithium anticoagulant tube

What to check with heparin lithium anticoagulant tube

What to check with heparin lithium anticoagulant tube

What to check with heparin lithium anticoagulant tube


    Patients often use different colors of blood collection vessels when taking blood samples for examination. Medical staff also use these colors to determine what items the patient is testing. Especially, anticoagulant tubes containing heparin lithium are used more frequently. So what can it be used to check? Many people don't understand this. Let's introduce it to you in detail.


    1、 Check for routine liver disease


    After collecting blood samples with heparin lithium anticoagulant tube, the patient can be checked with analytical instrument to see whether they have liver diseases, such as hepatitis, nephritis or liver cancer, which can ensure that medical staff can effectively eliminate or prevent diseases from the examination results, so that the patient can receive timely treatment. Note that heparin lithium is not a test item, but is responsible for preventing blood coagulation and improving efficiency.


    2、 Check ESR and blood gas


    Due to the presence of heparin lithium in the anticoagulant tube, heparin can interfere with the whole coagulation process, play the role of antithrombin, and promote the blood coagulation time of the sample to be extended, so it is very suitable for blood gas analysis, examination of erythrocyte sedimentation rate and other items, but it should not be used to check blood coagulation.


    3、 Check electrolyte


    Although heparin sodium anticoagulant tube was selected for electrolyte determination in the early stage, it was found that there was some influence. Later, after technical improvement, it was slowly replaced with heparin lithium tube for blood potassium examination, and the upper plasma was taken for examination after centrifugation and sedimentation. In addition, a few hospitals will use 3ml lithium heparin tubes to check the lead content of children.


    4、 For emergency examination


    Most emergency centers are patients whose conditions change quickly and need immediate treatment. The use of heparin lithium anticoagulant tubes in emergency examinations is also due to its anticoagulant effect, which can maximize the detection efficiency and ensure that emergency patients will not miss the best treatment opportunity.


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