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Company News About Who produces heparin sodium

Who produces heparin sodium

Who produces heparin sodium

Who produces heparin sodium


    As an anticoagulant in routine blood testing, heparin sodium can inhibit coagulation factors due to its chelating property to prevent thrombin from coagulation or activation, thus effectively preventing blood coagulation, and is applicable to PH measurement and blood gas analysis. Although it is a commonly used anticoagulant, there are not many manufacturers in China that can really make heparin sodium. Who is the best manufacturer of heparin sodium?


    Here, I would like to recommend Hubei Xindesheng, a manufacturer dedicated to the R&D and production of heparin sodium. It has invested a lot of effort in the R&D of heparin sodium products, strictly controlled the stability and consistency of product quality, and also completed it as the core element and goal of quality control. As a high-quality heparin sodium manufacturer in China, its advantages are obvious. Here are the highlights.


    1、 The quality parameters are strictly controlled and meet the requirements


    When high-quality heparin sodium products are added to the vacuum test tube and used as an anticoagulant in vitro, it is necessary to ensure that the PH value range is between 6.0-8.0, the average molecular weight reaches 15000, and the potency and water system have good solubility. Observe whether it is pure and free of any impurities. Desheng strictly controls these values and has met the requirements. As an anticoagulant, its performance is stable without any adverse effects.


    2、 Sufficient stock in warehouse


    Desheng is a manufacturer of heparin sodium in China and has an independent warehouse. After the equipment upgrade and transformation, the output is high, which can ensure the sufficient supply of goods. In the face of large demand customers, it can also ship goods from the warehouse in time, and there will be no shortage of goods. Therefore, it can choose boldly and confidently.


    3、 Perfect after-sales service guarantee


    After-sales service is closely related to customers' demand. Many customers prefer to spend more money to choose a manufacturer with perfect after-sales service, so that they can use the product with ease after purchasing. Desheng is equipped with a professional after-sales team to solve customer problems one-on-one. Once there is a problem with the product, it will return and replace the product at the first time, and will not hesitate. It is a trustworthy manufacturer.


    4、 Preparation process of heparin sodium


    As an anticoagulant in vitro, heparin sodium is usually manufactured in powder form, which requires accurate purification in the purification process to ensure that it is high-quality heparin sodium, so it can be safely used. In this process, it is necessary to ensure that the extraction process is stable, simple and efficient. Desheng has developed a new extraction method, which can fully guarantee the quality of heparin sodium extracted, and the product qualification rate is high, so it is a manufacturer worth choosing.


    From the above four aspects, we can see the advantages of Desheng in the production of heparin sodium. If you also have relevant needs, please click the website for details! Desheng makes every effort to serve you.