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Company News About What is the anticoagulation principle of Dipotassium EDTA in VBCTs?

What is the anticoagulation principle of Dipotassium EDTA in VBCTs?

What is the anticoagulation principle of Dipotassium EDTA in VBCTs?

When many people go to the hospital to check their health, they will find blood routine must be tested.Most medical staff will judge whether the patient has a hidden disease or aggravated disease based on the analysis of the patient's blood sample. As a blood anticoagulant, Dipotassium EDTA is often added to VBCTs. It has the advantages of good anticoagulation effect and less influence on the morphology of blood cells. Next, I will introduce you anticoagulation principle of potassium in vacuum blood collection tubes.


In fact, if you want to understand the anticoagulation principle of dipotassium EDTA, you need to know 4 steps of blood coagulates.

1. The production of prothrombin activator.

2. The next step is that prothrombin becomes active under the influence of calcium ions and phospholipid membranes.

3. Under the above two steps, fibrin is formed. Due to the participation of thrombin, soluble fibrinogen is converted into insoluble fibrin.

4. After the formation of fibrin, thrombin will be adsorbed, and local blood clots will form.


These four steps are roughly the process of blood coagulation.Dipotassium EDTA,a white crystalline powder is used as a complexing agent. Since dipotassium EDTA is close to calcium ions, it can complex and block the formation of thrombin from prothrombin, that is, the second step of the above blood coagulation process is suspended, which prevents blood coagulation from the source, and subsequent coagulation process cannot continue.


Due to its anticoagulant advantages, Dipotassium EDTA is regarded as an ideal anticoagulant in routine blood analysis, but some issues need to be paid attention to when using it, such as the ratio of blood to Dipotassium EDTA. Disproportion can cause a slight clotting phenomenon, which can block the blood analyzer or cause inaccurate test results. In addition, in order to ensure sufficient anticoagulation effect, after blood collection, medical staff should mix upside down 5-8 times to ensure that the blood is completely exposed to the anticoagulant to avoid partial coagulation.


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