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PRP Gel Trinder Reagent For Facial Skin Rich In High Concentration Platelets

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Place of Origin: EZHOU,CHINA

Brand Name: DESHENG

Certification: ISO9001:2008

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Minimum Order Quantity: 20Kg

Price: Negotiable

Packaging Details: Plastic or iron drum


Payment Terms: D/P, D/A, L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

Supply Ability: 30000kg/month

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prp gel

PRP Gel Trinder Reagent For Facial Skin Rich In High Concentration Platelets

The preparation method of PRP gel breaks through the simple centrifugation and direct injection. It is prepared by laboratory biologists and processed into complex gels. It is rich in high concentration platelets, and its distribution is more uniform and wrinkle-removing effect. Faster and longer lasting.


PRP is a platelet-rich, high-concentration plasma made from its own blood. PRP has the function of rapidly stopping bleeding, relieving pain and accelerating wound healing (you can find out about "fibronectin" and "fibronectin" in Baidu Encyclopedia), which can greatly reduce the formation of postoperative scars, from the 90s of the last century. Since the middle of the decade, it has been widely used in various surgical, cardiac and plastic surgery, and is also widely used in medical beauty. PRP means platelet-rich plasma. PRP autologous cell rejuvenation is a patented extraction technique that purifies high-concentration platelets from our own blood and then injects them into wrinkled skin to activate the skin's self-repairing ability. The skin's wrinkles are improved, and the skin becomes firm and shiny, and these can be done with only 1/20 to 1/10 of the blood donation. The effect of PRP lasts longer and the effect is better. The substance injected into our body by PRP autologous rejuvenation is from our own and will not be quickly metabolized by the body. Therefore, it can activate the skin repair function for a long time, and with long-term auxiliary maintenance, it will find that you are younger every day and the skin is getting more and more tender.


PRP autologous cell rejuvenation therapy refers to skin regeneration using autologous blood to regenerate skin. It has been widely used in Asian countries such as Europe and Japan. Let's take a look at what PRP does.
PRP skin wrinkle is to concentrate the platelets and skin growth factors that act on the skin and then inject it into the skin, stimulate the production of a large amount of collagen, elastic fibers, gelatin, etc., and promote the growth and rearrangement of multiple tissues of the skin. Comprehensively improve the skin condition and delay aging. Here are the six magical effects of PRP.
1. Strong wrinkle removal: PRP is rich in a variety of growth factors. After injecting into the superficial layer of dermis, it can stimulate the production of a large amount of collagen, elastic fiber, gelatin, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of strong wrinkle! Can remove all kinds of wrinkles, Such as head-up pattern, forehead pattern, Sichuan pattern, crow's feet, fine lines around the eyes, nose lines, decree lines, wrinkles around the mouth, neck lines.
2. Filling : When PRP is injected into the skin, a strong growth factor will promote tissue regeneration, have special effects on depressed scars, tissue loss, and can also be used for lip augmentation!
3. Optimize skin type: Active factor can accelerate and promote the establishment of skin microcirculation, thereby accelerating metabolism, improving skin texture and skin tone, making the original dull skin more white, delicate and shiny, and it can improve eye bags and dark circles.
4. Deep anti-aging: PRP can promote the growth and rearrangement of multiple tissues of the skin, so as to fully enhance the skin condition and continue to delay aging.
5. Desalination of pigmentation: the establishment of facial microcirculation, and the acceleration of skin metabolism, can promote the skin to discharge a large number of toxins, effectively improve pigmentation, sunburn, erythema, chloasma and other pigmentation.
6. Safe anti-allergy: Continuous use of PRP for treatment will change the original stress system of the skin, make the skin healthier and more energetic, and effectively improve allergic skin.


All effects

■Action 1: "Gel" quickly supports filling wrinkles
PRP gel is viscous gelatinous, smoothing wrinkles immediately after injecting into the skin. At the same time, the high concentration of platelets rich in PRP gel quickly activates a large amount of collagen. Collagen is a natural scaffold for skin cells and promotes during skin repair. The role of the process to instantly repair the skin.
■ Action 2: "Gel" aggregation factor, maintain local factor concentration PRP gel can prevent the loss of platelets after injection, prolong the secretion of growth factors in platelets, and maintain a high concentration of growth factors.
■ Role 3: release tens of billions of autologous factor activating cells
The role of PRP factor gelation depends on the release of high concentration (10 billion/ml) of 9 growth factor-activated cells from concentrated platelets, which continuously repair wrinkles and delay skin aging.
Beauty application
1. Wrinkles: forehead pattern, Sichuan word pattern, crow's feet pattern, fine lines around the eyes, nose back lines, law lines, mouth wrinkles, neck lines
2. Facial skin is loose, rough, dull
3. Depression scars caused by trauma, hemorrhoids, etc.
4. Improve post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, pigmentation (stain), sunburn, erythema, chloasma
5. Large pores and telangiectasia
6. Eye bags, dark circles
7. Lips and facial tissue loss
8. Allergic skin

Beauty principle

PRP contains collagen connexin and collagen. Collagen connexin is a macromolecular glycoprotein that has multiple biological activities. It can promote the adhesion growth of cells, and the adhesion of cells is a necessary condition for the maintenance of the body structure and the completion of cell growth. It also facilitates the migration and proliferation of epithelial cells to repair wounds, and can also play a positive role in improving peripheral blood vessels and lung function. Based on these functions of collagen connexin, it can promote cell turnover, thus fundamentally solving wrinkles and scars caused by cell weakness, aging, water shortage and the like. It also solves the problem of enlarged pores of the skin and loss of skin tissue.

Beauty advantage

1. Disposable sterile treatment kit.
2. Use your own blood to refine serum containing high concentrations of growth factors for treatment without causing rejection. 3.30 minutes to complete the refining process of their own blood, shortening the treatment time. 4. Plasma rich in high concentration of growth factors is rich in white blood cells, greatly reducing the chance of infection. 5. International certification: It has been widely clinically proven in European CE certification, ISO, SQS and other regions. 6. Completely repair and recombine the entire skin structure with only one treatment, comprehensively improve skin condition and delay aging

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